Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ha! That stupid Storm thinks she's got one over on me going off with Spider-Man and Shadowcat but it was me that fooled her. Again! She fell for that old "go check the plane" routine a couple of weeks ago and now she's fallen for the "I can't decide who should go on this away mission." Ha! I can make decisions like that! *snaps fingers reall loud* I am the decider!

Yeah, everything is going according to my plan. I've setup another happening party for tonight. Warbird is here and ready for some action. And I have my bottle of little blue pills. Oh yeah. This is going to be sweet. Now she'll see who's gay.

Now I'll just head down stairs and -


What the hell was that?? I better check the window and -

Ahh! What the hell is Kodiak doing to my Corvette?!

"Stop you giant freak!!"

He's throwing it at some huge Sentinels! Not my car you animal!! I can't believe he did that! It's ruined. Oh man, this sucks!

I feel the fetal position coming on.

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